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2006 Fiery Foods Show – Friday


Top of the N59

Side pic - N59

Better pictures of this bottle to come when I get back to the photo studio. But damn – how sweet is that bottle? Notice the white swirls in the purple resin?

N-59's on Display

Defcon Sauces
Defcon’s Banner

Crisper Critter
Defcon’s Capsacin-Based Homunculous

Jim - Mild to Wild Pepper
Jim from Mild to Wild Pepper – He probably supplies the peppers for you favorite hot sauces. Give his BBQ Sauces a try – I love the Chipotle on a grilled cheese sandwich.

Unbearable Hot Sauce
Award Winning Unbearable Hot Sauce – Soon to be on SNS

Dr. BBQ's Book
New Printing of DR. BBQ’s Book

Nick & Mary
Mary of Marys Gourmet Foods & Nick (no relation) – Get yourself some of her Cherry Rub for the upcoming BBQ season. Trust me on this one.

Sparky & Spikes
Sparky & Spikes – They had me try a wrap with their relish and it was damn tasty. Check out their new website.

Torch Hot Sauce
Wild ‘Erbs makers of Torch Hot Sauce – not a sauce that a lot of people know about, but if you like chipotle you have to try this one. It has a smoked flavor like none I’ve ever tried.

Sean Sorrin - Epic Valley Salsa
Sean Sorrin of Epic Valley Salsa – He has a new Asian Zing Sauce out that rivals some of the top gourmets out there.

Three Hot Tamales
Three Hot Tamales: More to come on these ladies later – SNS will have 90% of their line (plus some of their sought after pictures)

Chocolate Covered Habaneros
Chocolate Covered Habaneros – $1.00

MSK & Nick - eating chocolate covered habaneros
MSK & Nick eating the chocolate covered habaneros. Bad idea on a semi-empty stomach. Very good though – too much chocolate. Tomorrow we’re giving some pickeled habaneros a whirl with the Spepper folks.

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