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2007 Fiery Foods Show: Day 3, Sunday

Sunday, March 4

Fiery Foods Show:
9am-11am, trade only
11am-6pm, trade and general public

Group Photo Op: 10:30am, in front of the doors to the show. Everyone that can be present, please do so.

2007 Fiery Foods Show Chileheads & HSBers
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The drawing for the Nando’s raffle will happen at 2pm today. Winners will be listed here by the end of the day.


Nando’s Raffle Winners:
Prize 1 – Ryan: # 11 of the limited XXX Edition
Prize 2 – Josh: #11 of the limited Hot Peri-Peri Series
Prize 3 – Aaron Putnam: A signed Indoor/Outdoor Cook Book Signed by Rochelle Schaetzl – Special Fiery Food Guest From Nando’s South Africa

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