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News from Blair

Dear Fellow Chilihead,

I wanted to share a very spicy happening. As you are aware, I have been making The Hottest sauces on Earth Since 1989 (Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records) Now for the First time ever, I have been commissioned by a major United States Gourmet food corporation to produce 999 bottles exclusively for them.
The bottles will go out to all of their stores for Holiday Season 2005. But I had one big problem with this plan. I explained to them that I could not offer a special reserve if my Chiliheads had no access to it. Of course they wanted me to put out a store listing and make everyone travel to the locations….

F that I said…

I made the deal so that all you will need to do is a couple of mouse clicks and get a bottle shipped anywhere in the world..
This is coming in Mid October and it is now set up that you; my fellow Chiliheads will be the first in the world to get your hands on this Reserve bottle that is already sold out and will never be offered on my website. Please pay close attention to my future emails As the moment it is ready for shipping I will tell you what site to go for ordering …..
Also the price of this Reserve is So low , Because I have been commissioned and the Chain Store wants to promote it (EXCLUSIVE) along with other Death products, they are offering it at half the Retail price for only $49.95 ..
I know, I know, this bottle will be sell on eBay and the like fo r much much more…But remember….Good for them..and Good For you….. Plus it will make many more people aware of the whole Reserve Deal thereby only further increasing the value of your current Reserve Holdings..Remember I completely Obsess about All things Spicy and most everything else I do…More hours of work go into my Reserves then you could imagine Also everything about this Reserve is unique…..New colors of Wax, New Gold label on top only to be used for this special 999 bottle Run. Plus new a formulation inside the bottle ………
So that is deal and what a deal at that…… OK OK ….I think I just wrote the worlds longest run on sentence ….
Thank you for reading it..(Soon my emails will speak to you in my voice and it will make more sense)

Feel Alive ~ Blair

P.S. Just because…
Go to http://www.extremefood.com and order a High Octane ( $129.95) get one High Octane Free ($0.00)

This offer is Valid only until September 26th 2005. YOU MUST PUT “DBL91” in the notes section or no free offer.

Nick Lindauer

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