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Review: Ahrun’s Famous VooDoo Magic Hot Sauce

Voodoo Magic Hot Sauce

Voodoo Magic Hot Sauce

Okay, as far as gimmick labels go this one catches my attention more than flames shooting out someones rear. The voodoo theme is well represented, a couple skeletons dancing above a floor of flames, a skull and cross bones and some flaming habaneros in front of a burlap sack pattern. My favorite part is the phrase “shake to wake”. The label also states “sweet …with the heat”. The side of the bottle urges you to “let VooDoo Magic cast it’s spell on you”. “Made with the fiery, slow burning heat of the habanero pepper. This sauce is sure to ignite your soul. VooDoo Magic is also an excellent marinade or dipping sauce for beef, pork, seafood or chicken (or alligator)!”

Ingredients: orange juice concentrate, brown sugar, habanero pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, allspice, thyme, garlic, salt, cornstarch

When I opened this and smelled it It smelled just like Worcestershire sauce. I was intrigued, I tasted it on a spoon, followed by several tortilla chips. The first thing I taste is the brown sugar, then allspice, thyme, and maybe a hint of garlic. There is a hint of the orange but if you didn’t read it as an ingredient you probably wouldn’t pick it out. The flavor of the habanero and the vinegar are undetectable. As for heat I would give this a 4.5-5 and like most sweet sauces the heat comes on after the sweet. If you don’t like allspice or thyme then you won’t enjoy this sauce as they are very big players in the overall flavor. The consistency of this sauce is like syrup.

What would I eat it on? The possibilities began to run through my head, potstickers, panko breaded shrimp, over salmon then lightly smoked, halibut, marinade for beef,…

Voodoo Magic Hot Sauce

In the end I decided to pan fry some lemon peppered mahi mahi in a little butter and olive oil. I served this with some wild and long grain rice and fried calamari. I cut the calamari steaks into 3/4″ strips and breaded them in panko. A quick dip into the deep fryer and onto the plate.

I used VooDoo magic to flavor my rice and dipped both the calamari and the mahi mahi in it. This was a very good choice for seafood and rice. I wish I had held out until I could get some gator. I bet this would also make a kick butt jerky marinade.

Voodoo Magic Hot Sauce

This is a sauce that I will definitely buy. Next time I will not be sharing with my oldest son. He can buy his own bottle.

The magic was gone the next day, it mysteriously vanished while I was eating a bowl of rice for lunch.

Voodoo Magic Hot Sauce

When I typed in their web address it only brings up a blank page. I emailed them, but no response. I guess I won’t be able to provide you with pricing, but even more tragic, how will I get more?

P.O. Box 582
Crystal Lake, IL 60039-0582