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Baby That’s Hot! December Newsletter

Hello all!

So, there I was visiting the frozen head of Ted Williams at the cryogenic storage facility, enjoying a banana. I finished the banana and carelessly dropped the peel on the floor, and, long story short, I missed my monthly email last month. Good news, at 30-45 minutes defrost time per pound, I should be fully thawed by Christmas.

How’s that for an excuse? No? Okay. Well, then enjoy this Christmas gift! Or two. Or three.


Holiday Specials!

I have received a great request for a “budget” version of the Hot Sauce of the Month club. So, until Christmas only, for $48 you can gift a sauce only (no t-shirt, no special sauces) Sauce of the Month Club. For details, as well as the $3.99 Gourmet Hot Sauce of the Month and $4.99 regular sauces, visit http://www.babythatshot.com/buy.html.



I have been asked by some of our more – er – buxom – friends for 2XL t-shirts. Well, I am not making anything off of them, but, HEY! It’s Christmas, right?! So, if you got back (and/or front), and you need a cool t-shirt, come on by!

Visit http://www.babythatshot.com/buy.html to check out all the options. Pictures of the new t-shirts (they are black) coming soon.


December’s Featured Sauce — s???

Seriously, if you have a sauce named Triple Dog Dare, you really have to make it a featured sauce in December. But that’s only half of it… Green, Christmas, it needs something more… Red! So, here it is: The sauceS of the month are Triple Dog Dare AND Lagrimas Del Diablo. And as usual, the sauce of the month is… wha? $3.99? for two?

That’s right. Two sauces for $3.99. Now, this is a very special deal, so please, take it easy on me here. I have to limit this to one order per customer for the entire month, and this is an ONLINE ONLY special. Merry Christmas! Visit http://www.babythatshot.com/buy.html to buy or to see more of our sauces.


The reviews are in (again!)

Wow, I am so very proud of these. Baby That’s Hot! has gotten some very good reviews on the AWESOME Hot Sauce Blog (http://www.hotsauceblog.com). If you’ve never been to the site, it is so choice. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the means. (Ferris Bueller quote, if you didn’t get that.) I am proud to present the following links:

Review: Baby That’s Hot – Blazin Orange Hot Sauce

Review: Triple Dog Dare Hot Sauce
Review: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

I am also getting around to sending out to another foodie/hot sauce fan site or two for reviews. I will keep you posted. (I promise, Doug… on the way within the week.)


Okay, well, that’s about it. Coming next month, a return to quizzo at the Dawson Street Pub (third Thursday good for you? Okay then.) Also, I tried out a few experiments with the leftover pumpkin pie filling and cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. I may be doing something special for January there. Stay tuned!

Happy holidays and all that!

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog