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BBQ Cook-Off Donations

Eric, from the BBQ-Brethren, contacted me regarding their upcoming cook-off and acquiring some prizes/donations for the competition. The text is below and if you’d like to donate, you can contact Eric at the email address listed below. It’s a great opportunity for local NJ & NY companies to reach their local markets and also for national companies to make a splash in the BBQ aficionados world.

On July 21st we will be holding “WilliePalooza”, a ‘BBQ Brethren’ cook-off, on Long Island. We were hoping that you could donate samples (of whatever size) of your sauce that we can insert in the teams ‘goodie bags’. The ‘BBQ Brethren‘ is a large group of like-minded BBQ enthusiasts that share their experiences at an online forum (www.bbq-brethren.com/forum). The ‘Brethren’ include in its membership some of the nations premier pit-masters

There will be 12 competing teams, each of which will have roughly 4 members. There will be 14 judging volunteers and roughly 6 ‘general’ volunteers. That is 68 bbq enthusiasts directly involved. In addition, there will be notice of the event in Willie B’s weekly emailing, which reaches roughly 250 local bbq lovers.

So, while helping out some competitors you will also be exposing over 300 aficionados to your products. This doesn’t take into consideration the customers that will be in and out over the two-day period. We would be more than happy to include your brochures in the bags and link to your site in the mailings and in the forum thread.


Eric Devlin
986 Baldwin Path
Dix Hills, NY 11746


Nick Lindauer

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