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Big Daddy Jake’s introduces”Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub”

Big Daddy Jakes

Big Daddy Jake’s Creative Pepper Products will debut
Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub at the 7th annual Houston
Hot Sauce Festival, September 16th & 17th.

Big Daddy Jakes

Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub contains a creative blend of peppers, spices, herbs, sea salt, two kinds of sugar and other all-natural ingredients. This unique blend was specifically developed to enhance and tenderize your favorite meats, fish or seafood.

BBQ in our family is very serious business. You must learn the proper skills and techniques to operate the “pit” these talents are specific and mandatory for true Texas Smoked Barbeque. Matt began his “apprenticeship” at the very young age of 15, studying under the guidance of Pappo. After 15 years of free labor and tutelage he graduated to “journeyman”. Fast forward another 15 years and he became our official “Pit Master.”

New Approach to BBQ rubs
Designed for slow smoking or grilling Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub has reduced salt and sugar while delivering a taste that has just the right amount of heat and tenderizing properties to set this product apart from all of the others.

Pricing and Availability
Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub will be introduced to the public during The Houston Hot Sauce Festival for a special introductory price of $4.00 per 7.5 oz shaker type container. After this event please visit www.bigdaddyjakes.com for direct purchases or information about local retailers in your area.

About Big Daddy Jake’s
Big Daddy Jake’s Creative Peppers Products is a new company that offers BBQ Sauce (Pappo’s High In The Saddle BBQ Sauce), Hot Sauce (Texas Pit Smoked Hot Sauce), Pepper Jelly (Tropical Jelly-Mango Habanero) and now a BBQ Rub (Matt’s Pit Master BBQ Rub).

The founders of Big Daddy Jake’s grew up on fresh from the garden and orchard foods. For years our family recipes and traditions have been tested, enhanced and tested again to create the unique flavorful products presented for your enjoyment today. Using only the freshest ingredients without additives or preservatives, promising no compromises in quality or taste.

Nick Lindauer

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