Posted August 29, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Blair's 2005 Halloween Reserves – Sold Out

Blair’s 2005 Halloween Reserves sold out in record time.

This years 2005 Halloween Reserves were announced in Blair’s newsletter email that was sent out at 1:57pm Eastern Time on Friday (8/26/05) – by Sunday (8/28/05) evening all 299 bottles had been sold.

While the Halloween Reserve is still available on ExtremeFood.com, Blair confirmed that they are now out of stock and will be taking them out of stock online ASAP. Any new orders will be put on a waiting list – just in case some payments cannot be confirmed, but no more then 299 bottles of the 2005 Halloween Reserve will be produced.

Only 99 of the 2004 Halloween Reserves were produced and can now only be found on auction sites for close to $500 each. While $99 may be too spendy for some people, they need to consider the 5x increase in value in less then a year. Definately worth it.

Nick Lindauer

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