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Blair’s “Special” Encore Reserve

Pair of Encores
Pair of Encore Reserves
Encore Reserve Facts:

  • The Encore Reserveshave been given free to each order of Firecracker 500
    (from Blair). However, since only 500 Firecrackers were made available,
    it’s safe to say that less then 500 Encore Reserves exist.
  • The regular Encores (on the right in the image above) are not numbered, but they are signed.
  • These are not for resale.
  • These are offically the last of the last of his reserve bottles.
  • Inside chileheads will find a dried habanero powder.
  • 30 of these special reserves are completely different. These bad
    boys are topped with purple wax with a yellow drizzle across the top.
  • The 30 Special Encore Reserves are numbered 1-30.

Special Encore
Wax shot
Complete Firecracker Set
Complete Firecracker Set
Complete Firecracker Set:

If anyone gets one of the special ‘4’ please send in a picture, so we can add it to the list.

Nick Lindauer

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