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Words of Wisdom by Albert Burneko

You ever been to a hot-sauce specialty shop? These are dimly lit little retail closets, typically in beachside vacation towns and the like, where you stare at shelves upon shelves of little hot-sauce bottles and have a chuckle ...

Delicious New Mexico

Exciting things are happening in the New Mexico food community right now, especially what the people at Delicious New Mexico are doing for small local food businesses. Their work is bringing together farmers and ranchers with v...


Lets tell “The truth”

It seems that every week I get more emails then the prior week about how Peppers are presented to the Public in the wrong way. How do we expect to introduce our passion and hobby to others when you see garbage like this on the ...

Remembering Gary Collins

I had to follow the Parents of Murdered Children on the Gary Collins Show in 1991. Continue reading →


Threatcon Sauces & the iBurn Fall Giveaway LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re trying out a sauce from Threatcon Sauces that I’m pretty excited about. Johny 5 Hot Sauce‘s first ingredient is dark rum. Need I say more? |

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Over the next three weeks, we'll also share ideas for spicy pumpkin seeds, adding recipes for smoked pumpkin, and playing around with Sizzlin' Sauces' Howlin' Hollar Hot Sauce with Pumpkin, too. Be sure to check back in with us...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

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A Few Updates (HSB)

If you’ve been poking around the site lately, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how slow it’s been. I’ve delayed posting some reviews because of this, but all should be well now. It was part hosting issues and ...

Dave DeWitt’s Chile Trivia Book Nominated for Awards

This just in! Dave DeWitt's Chile Trivia is a finalist in the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, in two categories. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, better get after it. Continue reading →


Salsa Fresca

Salsa Fresca We always enjoy cooking at the Murrieta Farmer’s Market on our Memphis Wood Fire Grill. The people are great and we always come home with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Mike and Linda of Engle Farms sent...

Easy Photo How-to: Chiles Rellenos

Here’s a blow-by-blow description of how to make classic New Mexico-style chiles rellenos. Creating truly great chiles rellenos requires a bit of effort, but once you’ve had that first cheesy, glorious bite, you’ll be glad you ...