Posted May 12, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

Collectible Bottles Category Submissions

Remeber the bright idea of a Collectible Bottles Category? Well, I’ve resurrected the idea and am now ready to start putting it into action. Submissions will be accepted with the following information (more info always welcome if you have it):

  • When it was made.
  • How many were made.
  • Information on different editions.
  • Approx. Value & Initial cost.
  • Pictures!
  • Manfacturer info. and history of same.
  • Reason for special edition ie… in memory of a loved one, for a son etc….
  • Where made, and any special feature ie…Italian wax, hand blown bottle etc…
  • Anything else you can think of.

Submissions can be sent to collectors ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com – as they are recieved and processes I’ll be adding them and posting the category. And why should you bother submitting? Well, for every 10 accepted and posted submissions per person, I’ll send you a bottle of hot sauce. Now, some of you have a whole arsenal of collectible information at the ready, so I’m going to have to limit it to 5 bottles per person – you’re welcome to keep submitting after that of course.

Nick Lindauer

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