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Collectible Hot Sauces Available

If you have been keeping up with the ramblings here on the HSB, you’ll know that several manufacturers are doing “spring cleanings” and coming across items that are of interest to the collectors out there.

Below is the first round of collector’s items that will be made available – please note that if you are on the Collector’s newsletter list you recieved advanced notification of these items yesterday.

Available Collectible Hot Sauces

$20 Each

  • Blair’s – (discontinued) American Hot Sauce (3.5 cases) Did you know that this is his ‘original’ death sauce formula before he cranked it up with the newer label?
  • Monty Fritts – Fire Lizard (2); Discontinued: Smoke and Fire (1), Dancing Fire (2), Around the World (2)

$15 Each

  • Mason Dixon Spice Co- out of business: 14 assorted bottles
  • Tropical Chile Company- out of business: 3 bottles
  • Billy Bob’s Blazing Trail- out of business: Smoky Habanero, Chipotle
  • Andy’s Habanero Elixir
  • Andy’s Jalapeno Elixir
  • Vicous Vics Habanero Sauce
  • Jamie Klein’s Magic Red Savina Cure All
  • Chef Guna’s Way: Guna’s Number One Hot Sauce. Out of business
  • Texas Heat Ranch: Genetic Mutation, signed (barely legible), out of business.
  • Pete’s Hot Buckin’ Foods: Pete’s Way Too Buckin’ Hot. Out of business. Circa mid-1990’s
  • Charlie Troll: Phunkin Hot. Out of business. Circa mid-1990’s
  • Crazy Cassidy: Chipotle Hot Sauce, Wicked Freak’n Hot Chipotle Sauce Out of business?

Signed stuff: – $25 Each

  • Judicial Flavors: Lawyers Breath Signed
  • Pueblo Chile: Fire Roasted Gourmet Salsa Signed, Dated 31006
  • Red Fox Salsa Company: Black Bean Salsa Signed, Numbered #1, Black Bean Salsa Prototype bottle, pre production label (Sold Business)
  • Ragin’ Blends Inc: Rick’s Ragin’ BBQ rub, signed.
  • Bobarosa’s Chile Ranch: Maniac Moon BBQ, Scorpion Stinger Waxed tops (some melting with age), signed. Out of business. Circa 1997

CaJohn’s stuff – $50

  • Gentle Jerk, Fletcher Grant Label, discontinued bottle style. CaJohn bought Fletcher Grants and absorbed their line. This bottle has the pre-CaJohn label and a discontinued bottle style.


  • HDH Grillin’ Sauce, discontinued bottle style.
  • HDH Wing Sauce, discontinued bottle style.


  • Judicial Flavors: Under the Influence, Contempt of Court, Lawyers Breath: Discontinued bottle style from when CaJohn was manufacturing these for them.

How to Order:
The hot sauces listed above are available on a first come first serve basis, if you are interested in any of the bottles listed, drop me an email (nick ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com). Payments for these bottles will need to be made via PayPal. All offers considered and if you’d like to buy more then 1 (create your own set) send me your request and we’ll make something work.

Pictures below the fold…

Billy Bob's

Cassidy, Sealy, K of F

FireGirl, ASC, Andy's

Judicial Flavors

Jerk, HDH

Jeffro, Adobe, Pueblo

Impact, Troll, Bobarosa's

Tropical Chile co, Vics

Red Fox Black Bean

Rasta, MD, Wndl, Billy Bob


Klein, Pete, Heat Ranch, Guna

All inquires and offers can be sent to nick ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog