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Cutting Room Floor Contest Winners

It’s here, it’s here! After much deliberation the winners of the Cutting Room Floor Contest have been determined. The official email is below:

Dear ChiliPal,
WOW, I cannot recall a time in my life that I have been so touched by so many people. “The Cutting Room Floor” As you are aware, this was just a contest I came up to share 10 very special sets of sauces. However it turned into so very much more. I have been so moved by so many of the 371 entries with very personal stories over 2500 pages total (Many that asked me to keep them confidential) Reading these was like a therapy session of emotions. It was amazing. To find 5 winners in a pool of WINNERS is not only challenging, in my opinion it could not be done.

As a person who lives by karma and believes that every action causes a reaction, for me to take 5 people and say they win then take 5 and say they should pay $800 was just not something I in good faith could do. So against my fellow judges and others who say sell the other 5 sets, I have chosen to give ALL 10 away. I have to say even with 10, It could have easily been 25 or 50. But I must stick to only 10 sets, and on that note, please find the names listed below in alphabetical order.

If your name appears, please email karin@extremefood.com with full shipping info. Also, please allow 30 days for your set to arrive.

Again I thank you all so much for your entry. I also want to tell you that very soon I will be running another “Collectors” contest with an even bigger prize…so If you are not in the list below…PLEASE do not despair. NO ONE CAN WIN A BLAIR’S CONTEST TWICE. I want to say thank you again!

All my best and as always FEEL ALIVE!
Your eternal chilipal, Blair


1. Ryan Davis – AKA RyanRyan’s Collection

2. George Delashmutt

3. John Ford

4. Steve Gay

5. Adam Guerriero – AKA Adam2 – Adam’s Collection
6. Eric Nanista – AKA eman – Eman’s Collection

7. Paul Raczynski – AKA Paul2

8. Mike Raubolt

9. Ed Reilly – AKA Mad_Reilly – Mad’s Collection

10. Jason Tomashunas – AKA Jay

Big congrats to all!!! It is now your duty as a true chilehead to send in images of your loot so all the Blair’s fanatics on the HSB can drool over them. 6 on this list are regular HSBers – so a big HSB chilehead highfive to you guys!

Nick Lindauer

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