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Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Dave's Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce

Dave’s Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce premiered at the NYC Fancy Foods Show this summer and is just now hitting hot sauce store shelves everywhere. The cases we pre-ordered at the Fancy Foods show arrived just last week and I’ve been contemplating this review every since then.

The idea behind an adjustable heat hot sauce is brilliant. You would only need one bottle for all the levels of chiliheads in your family. But the fruition of this genius concept lacks in several areas.

Number #1 – Coming from Dave’s Gourmet I was expecting a lot more heat. Even at the hottest setting the heat barely registered with my tastebuds.

Number #2
– Flavor. No where on the bottle does it describe the flavor of the sauces inside. That’s because there is no flavor, check out the ingredient list below:

Ingredients: Water, Hot Peppers, Cane Vinegar, Salt, Hot Pepper Extract, Acetic Acid, Thickening Gum, Onion Extract & Garlic Extract.

The flavor taste does not change when you adjust the heat – it remains the same with each notch. The only sauce I can compare this to is Dave’s Cool Cayenne – a very watered down version.

Number #3
– The mechanical functions of the spritzer. Even with prior knowledge of the functional specs of this bottle and a college degree, I could not get the sprizter to function the same way every time. At one point the button got stuck and I had hot sauce spraying everywhere on the table. I had to bang the bottle on the table in order to get the damn thing to stop.

With all that being said, there are still good points to Dave’s Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce. For those that are beginners in the hot sauce world, it’s the perfect item to start out with. You can apply just a spritz of hot sauce at a time and work your way up the heat scale. Using the spary on method allows for even distribution of the sauce on any food and there’s little to no clean up. These bottles will make great stocking stuffers!

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