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Defcon 0 Batch #2 Email

Greetings all, I trust your St. Patty’s Day went well.

Well, here it is, THE e-mail. I won’t get into a ton of extraneous verbiage, so I’ll get right to the point. As of the time this e-mail was sent (yes, down to the second), the first group of people to respond to this e-mail will have the opportunity to increase the number of their culinary rarities by ONE with a DEFCON ZERO BATCH #2. As stated in earlier discussions with a few people, I was toying around with the idea of letting individuals purchase TWO, but I was also not prepared for the onslaught of e-mails from people wanting to be on THE list, which currently well out-number 500, truly a spectacle within itself. Now, the original number of ZERO’s was 33 (32 available, as I kept 1 for myself), and there were a number sold at the Fiery Foods show a few short weeks ago. I have decided to ‘create’ a few more, so the total number available is 41, which makes the total mintage of 51 (including 1 for myself). This took a lot of time and effort to expand the mintage number, but I think it was well worth it.

The first 41 individuals to e-mail me (defconcreator@defconsauces.com) will receive a response from The Creator as of tomorrow evening. There will then be an invoice generated through Paypal (for my own sanity, which has become quite limited as of late). Upon the receipt of the invoice, it must be paid WITHIN 48 HOURS. If this is not done, the invoice will be cancelled by my hand, and the next person in line will receive YOUR bottle. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

This may sound kind of harsh, but I have to try to make it as fair as possible, as the demand was far more than I expected.

Now, when paying the invoice, if Lady Luck has shown upon you, do not forget to tell me what EXACT address you want this sent to. They will be shipped via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. If it is deemed undeliverable by the US Post Office, the next person in line gets YOUR bottle, NO EXCEPTIONS.

The price is $40.00 plus $8.00 shipping (any address outside the continental US will be billed accordingly with additional postage).

If anyone has a problem using Paypal, we will take your credit card information via fax. DO NOT send us your credit card information, or any other personal information, UNLESS you have been notified that you have been selected to purchase a ZERO. The fax number will be given to you after the selection process.

Good luck to you all, and thanks again for the interest in our elixirs. Myself and The Createss are very proud of this release, and are looking forward to sharing these little gems with you. Not to mention it’s a great item to have on your “Shelf of Doom”.

– The Creator


Nick Lindauer

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