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Defcon Homunculus World Tour – Stop #6

After a sunny ol’ time in San Diego, Homu was blessed to find herself in the humid and muggy climate of DC. Finding time to take in a Baseball Game, Homu checked out the Washington Nationals. Since she had no ticket she snuck in with the camera crew and manned camera #2, and got a nice shot inside the Nationals dugout. Finding the time to meet with Teddy Roosevelt and their very own mascot Screech, she was so happy to get in a quick photo or two before she was eaten alive.

Escaping with her life, she headed over to the Renaissance Fair in Maryland. She never knew there were so many freaks and the food wasn’t the kind of cuisine she was used to. The exhibits were also a little strange and she found the idea of Frik and Frak the two-headed turtle was a bit overthetop. One highlight was seeing the elephant ride, and as much as she wanted to ride one, the guy in charge said Homu wasn’t as tall as the measuring line on the wall, so she was turned away. One ride she was able to go on was this boat ride with two rather fine gentlemen.

Before Homu knew it she was in Minneapolis with ticket in hand to see the Minnesota Vikings play their season opener. She got to tailgate with the biggest of Viking fans. Her heart was thumping as she was balanced on this one hunky man named Cheesefree. She had such a good time, 2 weeks later she went to Kansas City and was ready for another Vikings’ game tailgate. She didn’t even care about the game because she loved the fun that came with the tailgate. She even got a chance to watch pigs race and do some performance art. Then when Homu met Snoopy there was so much to talk about.

Once the tailgate began another mascot named KC Wolf took a picture with her. Although one could say he looked more like a giant rat. She then had some beers with some of the local Chief fans, a very happy bunch of boys. Yet when she met up with Buddah, there was stars in her eyes. It took a bit of a persuasion to pull him away from the Cheerleaders. All in all in was a memorable time, but she wasn’t going to wait around, she wasn’t that type of girl. Off she went for another adventure…

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