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First Ever NC Hot Sauce Contest

Granville County is home to the largest pepper producer / distributor on the eastern seaboard – Bailey Farms. We are also home to “Spice it Up” Hot Sauce (2005 New Product of the year). As our community was searching for a “Smoking Hot Event” to bring people downtown… the First Ever NC Hot Sauce Contest was born!!

Join producers from all across our state in a fun-filled day, showcasing NC Hot Sauces, NC Microbreweries, NC Wines, NC Barbeque Sauces, Antiques, Granville Gardeners Plant Sale and much, much more! …and get ready for next year, we’ll be searching again for the #1 Hot Sauce!

Participants include the Hot Sauce Producers
Bailey Farms
Blues BBQ Inc.
Durn Good
Fire from the Mountain
Just My Taste
Spice it Up

**We send our Thanks to the Judges for this event**

Dr. John E. Rushing, Department of Food Science, NCSU
Chef Joseph Brown, Vance Granville Community College
Mike Elliott, Lakes Media WLUS FM 98.3
Al Carson, Editor, Oxford Public Ledger ( YOU CAN DO IT AL !!!)

We will award two, $500.00 cash prizes. One Critics choice based on our judges decision and one “People’s Choice” that will go to the producer that sells the MOST sauce. So communities, come and support your favorite producer!!! Special Thanks to Union Bank and Trust for sponsoring these great prizes!!!!

Judging Criteria

Our judges will be using the following criteria to make their decisions:

Appearance: Is the general appearance (not presentation) appealing? Does it work well with the flavor? *1-4 points* (1 – minimum, 2 – innovative, 3 – very innovative, 4 – unique)
Originality: Is this a unique hot sauce preparation?/ *1-4 points* (1 – minimum, 2 – innovative, 3 – very innovative, 4 – unique)
Aroma: Is the aroma appealing? Does it work well with the flavor? *1-4 points* (1 – poor, 2 – average, 3 – good, 4 – excellent)
Heat: Does the heat level accentuate the flavor?/ *1-3 points* (1- too hot or too mild, 2 – average, 3 – exceptional)
Flavor: Most important! 1) Texture: Does the smoothness or chunkiness appeal to you? Does it work well with the sauce? 2) Balance: Is any one ingredient out of proportion? 3) Mouth appeal: Does the flavor start out too strong or too weak? 4) Acidity: Is the sauce too acidic or not acidic enough? 5)
Miscellaneous: Proper sweet-sour-bitter-salt balance, freshness, crispness, seasoning, and all other taste factors./ *1-20 points* (1-5 poor, 6-10 average, 11-15 good, 16-19 excellent, 20 perfect)
Overall Impression: What is your overall impression of the hot sauce? *1-5 points* (1 – poor, 2 – fair, 3 – good, 4 – very good, 5 – excellent)
Total score: 40 points = a perfect score; 6 = minimum score.

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