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Food Review Weekly #1

The HSB is participating in a Food review roundup, courtesy of Abi Jones from HeatEatReview.com – Here is this week’s edition – look for the HSB to be hosting the roundup sometime in Feb.

Welcome to the first edition of Food Review Weekly. What is Food Review Weekly, you ask? It is a biweekly round-up of the best reviews from across the online food review universe. Okay, not universe. More like the online food people in the United States and Canada. The reviews are fresh even if the food isn’t.


The Healthy Snacks Blog gives you a hand with your resolutions: check out their review of Glenny’s Low Fat Soy Crisps. Now you know which snacks taste like styrofoam and which are delicious.

On the opposite end of the resolution spectrum, Jeremy over at Consumer’s Corner has his own ideas about Freschetta’s Brick Oven Pizza. Does he agree with us here at HeatEatReview.com? Check out his pizza review and decide for yourself.

Over at The Impulsive Buy, Ace’s review of Lunchables Maxed Out Pepperoni Pizza reminds me of why there are so few Lunchables reviews here on HeatEatReview.com.

Cybele takes a look at Snickers Nut ‘n’ Butter Crunch. Does it contain butter? Is it nutty? You’ll have to read her review to find out the answers to both of those questions.

ZOMG! Candy’s intrepid reviewer, Rosa, sacrifices her tastebuds to tell us whether or not Target’s Choxie Key Lime Pie Truffle Bar is worth the cash.

Reading this from an iPhone? At your local convenience store? Before you go any further, read what Paddy O’ Poppycock (no, I did not make that up) has to say about the Pay Day Chocolatey Avalanche.


Dr. Patrice over at Iatapie.net wonders “Can V8 actually make their LIGHT juice taste just as good as the original, with the same 1 serving of fruit and vegetables per cup, but with 50% less calories and sugar?” Check out her review of V8 Fusion Light Peach Mango Juice. Maybe someone will let me know how the vegetables come into play.

I am not surprised that there’s a Hooter’s Energy Drink. I’m also not surprised that the folks at Screaming Energy managed to find one. I am surprised that they didn’t choose a blonde woman for the can’s image. Way to break those stereotypes, Hooters.


If you’re thinking about making your own Buffalo Wings for the Super Bowl, be sure to check out Clint’s review of CaJohn’s Naga Soreass Hot Sauce. Just make sure to wash your hands very, very well after making the wings. Or eating the wings. You laugh now, but you’ll be sorry later.

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