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Gourmet Food Manufacturers Send a Taste Of Home To Troops Overseas

Specialty Food Makers Group Pool Resources to Show Appreciation to Our Military Deployed to the Middle East. A Gift Pack of Gourmet Food and a Personal Message to be Delivered to US Troops in Iraq.

Gilroy, CA (PRWEB) Nov 22, 2005 – Members of the SF Makers Group, an internet forum for specialty food manufacturers, have been working in cooperation to send some holiday spirit to our military personnel stationed in Iraq.

The project, which has been dubbed, “Operation Taste of Home” has taken on a certain life of its own. When Sara Ward of Big Daddy Jakes mentioned that a family member had just left for their second tour in Iraq, Roy the Salsa King offered to ship a care package of chips and salsa. This act of kindness sparked the flurry of donations and participation that became this team’s focus.

SF Makers Group members have offered to collectively donate thousands of dollars in products to bring a taste of home to some troops in Iraq. On the surface this may seem like a simple undertaking. The reality of it is that shipping a pallet of food products to the middle of a war zone overseas is no easy task.

There are no facilities in the military organization set up to receive an offering of this type. A pallet simply cannot be loaded onto a Humvee and driven out to the troops in the dessert. The USPS will not accept any packages addressed to units, battalions, or “any serviceman in Iraq”. They must be addressed to a specific addressee with a short form for international shipments properly filled out.

Adversity is no stranger to these twenty small business owners. The members of the SF Makers group are determined to let our soldiers know how much we appreciate them. Member have donated cases of items such as hot sauce, salsa, dips, tortilla chips, beef jerky, bbq sauce, pasta sauce, and more. Operation Taste of Home was conceived by our group to let our American men and women overseas know we care, and we want to see them safely home. If you would like to donate to help with shipping costs see the contact information below.

Regardless of how you may feel about the war in Iraq, these are our men and women overseas and they are obeying orders as they have vowed to do. They are risking life and limb everyday to protect our civil liberties. They are Americans.

For additional information visit http://www.chile-heads.com,
contact: Ron Levi at Innuendo Enterprises LLC, 8010 El Matador Drive, Gilroy, CA 95020 (408)847-4047

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