Posted May 2, 2006 by eman in Hot Sauce News

Guess the Delivery Date & Time Contest

Mrs. Eman

Ok folks, time for the fun to begin. As most know that the old eman will be a daddy at the end of the month. I figured why not have some fun? So here we go.

Mrseman is due on May 28 (it is going so fast!!) The person to guess closest to the date and hour (hour only) to when we will receive our little chile pepper will get a free personalized TEAM HSB t-shirt, hat and a little something extra.

Leave a comment with your guess (big public record). Limit, 5 entries per person. In case of a tie, the person who picked the time first will win. Contest entries must be in by the 20th!!! Good luck to all.

All times will be central time zone. Also, since we dont know what we are having, guess if it will be a boy or girl!!!