Posted January 3, 2006 by Anthony in Hot Sauce News

Holiday Hot Sauce Horror

At any given time I have between 20-25 bottles of hot sauce in the fridge. I have kept in the same place for many years. It has been my designated hot sauce area.

Day in day out the fridge goes through it daily rigors. It gets full, emptied, cleaned, you name it. And for the last few years it has serviced us well. Now, whether this next episode was due in part of my holiday imbibing, or the fridge exacting some sort of revenge for making it responsible to hold such a deadly cargo I don’t know. But now unfolds the course of sequences that left me bloodied and covered in hot sauce.

1) I open the fridge wide to get something (probably a beer)
2) I kneel down to see what is on the lower shelf
3) As I gaze inside, the door starts to close
4) I find my wares
5) I start to stand
6) My backs hits the closing door shelf as I stand up (this is where the hot sauces are kept)
7) I pull the shelf up with me
8) 20-25 bottles of hot sauces come crashing down onto the tiles of the kitchen

It was one of those moments I won’t forget anytime soon. A symphony of 5oz bottles filled at various amounts comes crashing down. There were casualties. The most dire was an unopened bottle of Blair’s Mega Death. The rest were covered in Blair sauce shrapnel and there was one cracked Mad Dog cap. As Blair creates, he destroys as well. In true grand fashion! There was sauce everywhere. (I did save a bit though and that is subject to an addendum of my Duff’s Wing Review).

In the process of cleaning up sauce and glass and reorganizing my collection I managed to get a piece of glass caught in my finger. I thought nothing of it until I gave my right ring finger a squeeze and was gushed by a stream of blood right over my face (good thing for glasses). I spent the next half hour cleaning everything up. Including the periodic squirts of blood. In the end I ended up with:

1) One smashed Blair’s Mega Death
2) One bloodied face and finger
3) One good hour of throbbing pain all over my hands cleaning up said sauce
4) One good story

Out side of this one incident my fiance and I had a wonderful holiday and we hope many up the HSB readers did as well. Wishing everyone all the best for the New Year, and watch out for those pesky fridge doors.