Posted June 8, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Horror Stories

The group over at the HotPepper got me thinking about my all time worst experience with a hot sauce:

One day while arranging some of our collector bottles, I accidently touched a bottle of Blair’s 5AM that had a slight crack in it with a little bit of seepage. I’m talking very minimal – but I still made sure to go wash my hands, three times even. The later that night, washed my hands again and went to take out my contacts – HOLY CRAP! – the wife was standing right next to me and I grabbed her arm and went down on one knee clutching my eye. I wanted to rip it out of my head just to stop the burning. I had to lay down for about 20 minutes before i could open my eye enough to get out the charred contact. I thought I was going to be blinded by hot sauce! but after about an hour everything was fine.

But now I’m pretty sure that lasik surgery could be written off as a work related expense!

What other horror stories are out there? I’ve got a few more that involve putting my tongue in sauces that shouldn’t exist too…

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