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Hot Sauce Blog Poker Tournament

Zest Fest HSB Poker Invitational

Cigars, alcohol, cards, and a whole lot of smack talking, what some would hope becomes an annual tradition, the first Hot Sauce Blog Poker Tourament is taking shape. The pieces are now coming together and as in most HSB undertakings, a lot of good folks are pulling together to make this event something special. Oh don’t get me wrong, they’re still slinging the smack pretty hard (breeze through some of the threads and you’ll see it). But this has all the makings of an unforgettable time and an opportunity to make some friends for life or at least until the expiration date on their bottles.
Poker Chips

The poker table is coming from one end of the country, the chips from another. Now the trophies have been delivered and will be on the way soon enough. Yes trophies, yeah dude this is BIGTIME! Compliments of Arizona Jack and Penrod Pepper Products, any of us have the chance to bring home a cool trophy to put on a shelf right next to all the hot collectables we are all drooling over. They are inscribed: 2006 Zest Fest Poker Invitational, Ft. Worth Texas 9-09-2006 on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places.

HSB Poker Trophies
The inscriptions read: Top Line 2006 Zest Fest poker invitational
Middle: 9-9-06 Fort Worth Texas
Last line is 1-2-3 place

HSB Poker Trophies

So brush up on your skills, get in some practice, and be sure to bring your poker face- you’ll need it. It’s on ya’ll, this aint no Go-Fish game. It should be a lot of fun. No money will change hands, poker chips will be used and Hot Sauce/Collectables are up for ante. The actual site has yet to be determined, so suggestions are appreciated.

Buy in is a bottle of hot sauce, your choice
Each player will receive $2500 in chips
Blind structure as follows $25-$50 to start, blinds double every 15 minutes

Winner takes 70%, 2nd- 20% 3rd – %10

ALSO !!!
Special Death Match / Heads up, big show and myself, entry fee is a bottle of CaJohns Caveat Emptor
We will each also enter a bottle of our choice and sign them both each
“Death Match Heads Up / Steps up #1 and #2 of 2 to be auctioned for JimC, my entry bottle will be my Red Savina DITD ZF #2

Poker Label