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Hot Sauce Blog Stats & Visitor Info

Last November I updated everyone on the current stats and visitor information of the HSB and since then the number just keep going up. Due to some recent growth, I figured it’s a good time to let everyone know the latest in the stats world, plus it’s pretty freaking interesting to compare the growth trends.

HSB Blog Stats:

  • 991 Posts
  • 748 Commentors

New & Returning Visitors
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64% of the visitors to the HSB are return users and the remaining 36% are brand spanking new.

Visitor Trend Graph
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This graph only represents the last weeks traffic, but you can clearly see that our daily visitors has gone from 2,000 in Nov to almost 4-5,000!

Top Keyword Referrers (most popular search terms used to find the HSB):

  • hot sauce
  • hot sauce blog
  • hot wings
  • how to make guacamole
  • how to make hot wings
  • carne asada marinade
  • hotsauceblog.com
  • blair’s 16 million reserve
  • hot wing recipes
  • smokin hot pot

Weird & Odd Keyword Referrers (not the most popular terms, but terms that people search on and find the HSB one way or another)

  • hot sauce joey stove friends
  • hot blog
  • canada hot sauce anthony
  • santa fe chile sauce
  • zest fest
  • big ass
  • hot sauce buyers
  • fiery foods show
  • zapata salsa
  • blair’s templo del fuego
  • hot saucer
  • xxx salsa
  • hotties
  • blog hot
  • pictures fiery foods show
  • uncle big
  • ice cream hot sauce
  • making your own tabasco
  • stuffed poblanos
  • fingernail biting
  • habanero vodka
  • capalacky sauce
  • boiling ribs
  • hot pickled eggs
  • hottie thread

Shockingly, these are not even all of the wierd searches. You’d be amazed how many people find the HSB via searches related to the word “hot”.

Where in the world are the HSBer’s? (each tiny dot on the image below represents 5-10 people – the larger the dot, the larger the group of folks hitting the HSB in that area)

Geo Location
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If you really want to put yourself on the map, join the Hot Sauce Blog Frappr Map – I just set this up the other day, so if you are a regular HSBer please join in, leave a message and watch the community grow!

Check out our Frappr!

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