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HSB Blind Reviews

Behind the scenes on the HSB, a lot of attention has been paid to reader feedback and outcrys. Chris K suggested the idea of “blind reviews” to me over 2 years ago and after much discussion and many ideas getting tossed around, we’ve finally come up with a process. The idea behind this project is to make the reviews on the HSB as objective as possible.

To start, I bought all of the sauces that will be reviewed in these first rounds. I didn’t want someone who had sent in a sauce for review to see their product up on the HSB with the label ripped off & taped over. For each sauce ‘blind’ reviewed, 3-5 reviewers will provide their thoughts, review and pictures. Each reviewer has been instructed to consider the following points on each sauce:
– Appearance (the sauce, not the bottle ““ because, well, wrapped in brown tape, they’re all going to look ugly)
– Smell
– Heat
– Flavor
– Consistency
– Overall

HSB Blind Reviews
1st Round of Blind Sauces to be Reviewed

As we move forward and evolve this process, I’d love for manufacturers to submit sauces without labels (so we don’t have to remove them) – but that information will be sent out later after this first round is completed and the kinks are worked out. Reviewers will change (it won’t always be the same 3) and the only thing they know about the sauce when they get it is: Mild, Medium or Hot.

I’m sure there’s more information that I’m leaving out – but I want to get onto the review. Check out the first HSB Blind review here.


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