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Jalapeno duck poppers

This is an old hunting camp appetizer that brings the taste buds alive with the fire of jalapenos, the comforting taste of bacon and the rich, delicious flavor of duck. Many variations exist, including adding pieces of sliced water chestnuts for a crunch or using bell peppers and onions instead of jalapenos for children. Each side of a breast from big ducks like a mallard can produce four appetizers , while wood ducks and teal will do two or three each.


6-8 duck breasts, cut into 1-inch wide strips, pounded.

1/3-slice bacon for each piece of duck breast.

1 thin slice fresh (not pickled) jalapeno per piece of duck.

1/3-cup merlot or cabernet.

1/3-cup Moore’s Meat Marinade.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Toothpicks for skewers.


After tenderizing duck strips, place in sealable plastic bag, add wine, Moore’s, salt and pepper and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Cover toothpicks with water while duck marinates.

Place a piece of bacon on a flat surface. Top with a piece of duck and a slice of pepper and roll it all up. Push a toothpick through the entire roll to hold it together. Continue until all duck pieces have been used.


Over hot coals, place the duck rolls on a grill and cook 2 minutes and turn. After another minute, turn again to an uncooked side and continue each minute until bacon is done. DO NOT OVERCOOK. Serve while main course is on the grill. Pieces should be about bite-sized and are best when taken all in one pop.

Leftover pate

On the rare occasion of leftovers, remove the toothpick and place several poppers in a food processor. Add mayonnaise and horseradish to taste and process on high until smooth. Season as you wish and serve as a dip or cracker spread.

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