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Loco Luna FFS Collectible: A First Look

Loco Luna Fiery Food Show Collectible
Loco Luna 2007 Fiery Foods Show Collectible

Loco Luna Fiery Food Show Collectible

Available at the Fiery Foods Show
, the 2007 New Mexico Reserve is designed to commemorate the Southwest. This second item in the line of Loco Luna collectible reserve sauces is a lovely bit of edible combustion. Like the 2006 Zest Fest reserve, this collectible is comes in a 5.1 oz, “tall-flat-square” bottle that is more than a great hot sauce; it’s a work of art. Offered in limited numbers (the final number is not yet fixed, but it is not expected to exceed 50), each is hand signed and numbered in gold, adorned with a special silicon-wax blend and topped with a custom seal of the Loco Luna logo. The raised seal is then coated in gold. For those of you who missed out on the unique ‘swirled’ wax bottles at Zest Fest (about 4 of the 109 ZF Reserves had swirled tops), you will be pleased to know that all of the 2007 New Mexico Reserve features a swirled wax design.

The fresh ingredient sauce itself is wickedly hot and includes a fiery blend of New Mexico chilies. This is a hot one and a must have for collectors!

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