Posted February 17, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

Mad Reilly’s Hot Sauce Collection

Well folks, we have a showdown of the signed Blair’s Sauces – Mad is calling out eman (see eman’s collection here). Mad has quite the extensive collection of signed bottles and even though his house is under major construction, he has taken the time to send us images of his precious bottles. Great stuff Mad!

Mad Blair Collection

Mad's Blair's Reserves

I have ton of hot sauce (over 1000 bottles) and my house is under construction. So you’re only getting highlight of my collection “the shrine”. What makes these bottles unique is that they’re all signed! I have all the Blair’s unsigned as well but I use those for everyday. I just got my B-99 today #81! Eman eat your heart out! Ok I went nuts on the pics. I can’t help myself. – Mad

Old Death Bottles

Signed Sexabi Hot Sauces

More Signed Bottles

Blair's Reserves & Signed Death Bottles

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