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Majacks Garlic & Jalapeno Spread

Majack Kitchens was founded in 2004 by Tom and Dawn Jackson. Tom was a chef for 20 years in many 4 and 5 star restaurants and they have made these spreads for 10 years, producing at Christmas time, sending out emails to all their friends so they could get there orders in. After years of successful Christmas’s, the Jackson’s have begun offering their spreads at the commercial level.

I love all things hot sauce and typically don’t stray, but when Dawn contacted me about their jalapeno spread and promised me an intense garlic presence, I was intrigued and we exchanged a few Q&A sessions.

How are your recipes developed?
Tom is the creator of the recipes for our spreads, they were developed in our kitchen with a lot of love. Majack Spreads are very versatile products, you can use them in any thing you would normally put garlic in. Zest up your palate with a burst of garlic followed by jalapeno. There is not any other product on the market that we have found that you can cook with that places garlic and jalapeno all in one tablespoon. Sauté some mushrooms with 1 tablespoon of spread and then place over you meat of choice and it will knock you socks off.

Have any of your products won any awards?
ZestyBest “Amateur Food Contest”: 1st place for Garlic & Jalapeno Spread, 3rd place for Garlic & Pesto Spread.
Zesty Best 2005 Food Show “Professional Food Contest”: 3rd place for “Best New Product” and 3rd place for Glazing Sauce.

Are you going to be entering future award shows?
We are in the process of looking for more contests.

Any new products on the horizon?
Yes, at the present we have 3 products. Garlic & Jalapeno Spread, Garlic & Pesto Spread, Lite Garlic & Pesto Spread. Coming soon is “Awesome Garlic Spread”

Which of your product line is your favorite? Why and how do you typically eat it?

We love all 4 products, we have used them in our everyday cooking for years now. You can use them in any food dish that you would normally place garlic in . You can also spread on crackers or French bread. They are very versatile products.

Why did you choose to create a Jalapeno/Garlic spread?

It was created because we knew that the world loves spice in there meals. We wanted something that they could cook with and something that was very easy to place in a dish while cooking.

The Review:

Now, I love garlic, most of the time I can never have enough garlic (Exhibit A). That being said, when I opened the jar of Garlic & Jalapeno spread the garlic smell almost overwhelmed me. Almost.

As I sat there and enjoyed the garlic aromas, the wife came in the kitchen and asked what I was up to. She laughed when she realized what I was doing, standing in the kitchen huffing garlic spread.
Smell Check: A+ ~ Any time a condiment actually smells good, I know I’m on the right track, but when I find my self enjoying the smell a little too much, I know good things lie ahead. But, I love garlic, if you don’t love garlic stop reading this review. This product is all about the garlic.

MaJacks Garlic Spread

So I spread two halves of ciabatta bread and topped with shredded parmesan cheese. Baked at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes. I also whipped up some spicy sausage & sauce to go on my spaghetti, but that’s not the point of this review.

MaJacks Garlic Spread - Cooked with parmesan

The cooked smell of the MaJacks Spread is equal to that of the pre-cooked smell, with the jalapeno coming out just a bit more. The garlic toasted ciabatta was an excellent accompaniment for a spicy Italian dinner, with more then enough garlic. MaJacks Spread is an excellent replacement for any French bread spread – not hot but supreme garlic flavor. I also ended up putting the spread on my chipotle bacon mashed potatoes (recipe to follow soon).

The MaJacks website has a few recipes that I may have to try out in the future. You can find them here.

4 Stars out of 5 ~ Pure garlic, needs more heat.

Where to buy:
Online here or at the following California locations:
Woodside Deli
1453 Woodside Rd
Redwood City, Ca 94061

Chefs Shop
705 Laurel St
San Carlos, CA

Lou Lou’s Gourmet Shop
127 S. Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Roberts Market
3015 Woodside Rd
Woodside, Ca 94062

Casa de Fruita
9810 Pacheco Pass
Hollister, Ca 95023

Bianchini’s Market
3130 Alpine Rd
Portola Valley, Ca 94028

Foodville Market
610 Laurel Ave
San Carlos, Ca 94072

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