Posted November 10, 2004 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

Mango Peach Tango

Coming Soon New Joe Perry Sauce!
MANGO-PEACH TANGO Sauce – Can’t afford that Caribbean trip? Chug on succulent MANGO-PEACH TANGO, the latest brainchild of Joe Perry, who created the kickin’ Boneyard Brew.

With MANGO-PEACH TANGO you will feel transported to an azure beach in an exotic paradise, devouring succulent yummies…
MANGO-PEACH TANGO contains luscious peach, juicy mango, bell pepper, lime juice, onion, garlic – all fresh, and Habanero pepper, vinegar, natural sugar, salt and Xanthan gum. This pairing is a full-bodied, fill-your-mouth-full-of-heaven sauce that goes everywhere and makes everyone drool. Like it’s older sib Boneyard Brew and all Ashley Foods hot sauces – premium ingredients, no preservatives, EXTREME flavor plus heat. How to experience this sauce:

– blathered straight on, for grilling or cooking any meat, foul, game or seafood
– mix with sour cream, mayo or yogurt for a de-lish salad dressing/ dip for veggies, and snack items
MANGO-PEACH TANGO will make you dance on the table!

Nick Lindauer

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