Posted March 7, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is one of the few hot sauces that I eat on a daily basis. In an average day, I’ll probably consume 3-4 varities of sauce and Marie Sharps is always one of them. She makes one of the best habanero hot sauces I’ve ever tried.

“Marie Sharp, a Belize celebrity, has her factory a few miles from Dangriga, population 9,000. In 1981 in her kitchen, Sharp mixed fiery habanero peppers, experimenting with various blends including carrots, onions and garlic which she marketed door to door with chips. Her original product, which has morphed into more than 20 cleverly named sauces, jams and chutneys, is now in nearly every kitchen and restaurant in Belize, as well as on the gourmet shelves of several U.S. stores. We had a delightful visit to see the sauce bottled, as well as a tasting.” – From The Galveston County Daily News

I would love to tour her facility, but I don’t think the wife would let me take a trip to Belize just for that. Bad enough we go around the states just to visit other hot sauce places.

Nick Lindauer

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