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More Collectibles & HSB Discounts at Fiery Foods

Dave’s Limited New Mexico Commemorative
39 Signed & Numbered Screen Printed Bottles (similar to the Holiday Reserve)
The only hot sauce ever to be banned at the FFS is back with a vengeance, made with 14 mil shu extract, Dave’s Limited New Mexico commemorative WILL ONLY BE SOLD IN NEW MEXICO. All Dave’s NM pieces will be shipped to Fiery-Foods Show and sold exclusively by Hot Shots @ $125.00 ea. However Hot Shots will back 5 pieces for Hot Sauce Bloggers only! First come first serve $150.00 delivered. OR get ’06 Dave’s Holiday Reserve AND Dave’s NM Commemorative Combo for $300.00 delivered. Call Hot Shots 1-888-248-5159 to request a # and buy your bottle today!

Also available at the Hot Shots booth:
B-99, N-59,T-99, 4AM, 5AM, Halloweens, Firecrackers, Holidays, 2 Triology, Caveats and More!

Captain Thom’s NM FFS Discounts
Captain Thom’s will give a $1.00 discount on each hot sauce and/or $0.50 discount on the rubs/spice blends, to anyone who identifies themselves as a Hot Sauce Blogger.

Grumpy’s BBQ NM FFS Discounts
For all Buyers 20% off shipping with their order.

For all Bloggers. Mention HOTSAUCEBLOG.COM, and get $1.00 off the price of a bottle of Grumpy’s Private Reserve Barbeque Sauce.

Grumpy’s will also be introducing, its fourth flavor of sauce “BLACK LABEL.” A spicy sauce that uses habanero powder for the kick. Grumpy’s will also be showing off their new look labels at this show.

If there are any discounts or special blogger deals that you would like to announce, drop me an email and I’ll post them up here for everyones attention.

An aggregate post will be put up early next week to keep all of this collectible information and discounts in one place. Expect more discounts and announcements later this week…

Nick Lindauer

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