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More Hot Charity

From the Hot Zone Online:

Ever since our son, Ari, was diagnosed with autism in February 2006, we had wondered about the best way to help others with the disorder. We asked ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine our love for spicy food with a way to help “cure” autism?” Quite simply, it’s not only great, but doable.

With collectables being so “hot” now (pun fully intended), we thought we’d step it up a notch and contact some of the less attainable makers…rock musicians. Thus, Hot Rock for Autism was born.

Initially we petitioned several musicians, but only 2 stepped up in the end. We have a couple of very willing musicians wanting to help us contribute to the worthy cause of fighting autism. We hope that if you’re a fan of them and their sauces, you’ll take the opportunity to own these ultimately rare collectables. Each bottle will not only be signed by the musician, but personalized as well…making it the only one of its kind.

Why are they so rare?

We are auctioning off two bottles of hot sauce: one from Bill Wharton and one from Michael Anthony. Each bottle will not only be signed by the musician, but personalized as well. Whatever you want written (within reason & space, of course) will be put on that bottle, making it the only one of its kind.

Yes, really.

ALL proceeds will be donated to the Autism Society of America.

Yes, all. As in 100%.

We are very committed to this project and feel very strongly about what ASA does on a continual basis to help fund research projects, aid education and help create a better world for those living with the disorder in addition to focusing as much as possible on preventing this disorder, in epidemic proportions, in the future.

If you’re a collector of hot sauces, a fan of the musicians or a little of both, head on over to eBay and help a worthy cause. The auction info is:

(Bill Wharton)
eBay Auction number: 4463190094

(Michael Anthony)
eBay Auction number: 4463191538

If you’re not into sauces but still want to give to the cause, you may do so at our First Giving site.

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