Posted June 6, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Move over Paris

Forget the Paris Hilton Carl’s JR ad – Wendy’s is now producing a spicy campaign as well. Well, at least Carl’s JR had a hot girl in their ad. The lower budget Wendy’s ads only have their supposedly “hot” chicken sandwich. And a rather obnoxious claim about the spiciness of their sandwich.

Do something spicy huh? Before I complained to everyone about this ad, the wife convinced me to go try it first, because who knows, it could be spicy….. Ummm NOPE, sorry, try again. The hottest part of this chicken sandwich were the fries, fresh from the fryer. I hate these ads, from any fast food chain, that promise “spicy” foods. I mean come on! it’s not spicy if my wife can eat it without even blinking!

Nick Lindauer

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