Posted December 4, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

New from Blair: Whole Sundried Jolokias

Dec 4th–Over the Past Year I have been working with a Grower Directly For My Jolokia. These Jolokias have been selected by me for me….They are Now Available Direct to you for a short time….I Sundried a Small amount to share…The Are the Amazing HOTTEST Chilies I have had the pleasure to consume… They ROCK–Enjoy Um—.

On Another note–I have heard in the past week from some close Chilipals that I have known for years who told me, they heard I am selling Blair’s for millions of $$$ on Jan 1 2008..I was surprized to hear that as it was news to me….Just to set the record CLEAR and HONEST–I have been approached to Sell and/or Merge the whole thing in the past year–I am NOT and WILL not EVER sell Blair’s…It is NOT for sale.This is What I love…Love is not for Sale (in this case) —That sounded Funny—..

ABOUT BLAIRS—This Year Blairs Has the most amazing Growth Since our Start in 1989. Our Chili Head Base Has more than Doubled. We Now Produce Over 150 Thousand Bottles of our Sauces every 30 days… and 1.6 million bags of the Famous Chip Line Each month….Quality as always will never change…I WILL ONLY USE THE BEST OF THE BEST 1000% FOR REAL……..


Get ’em while they last!

Nick Lindauer

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