Posted November 8, 2007 by Steve in Hot Sauce News

Operation Sauce Drop Update

A brief update on a charitable cause that many manufacturers are participating in.

Hi Steve,
I hope you’re doing well, and selling lots of sauce. Since Blues Habanero Reserve is in the most popular Operation Sauce Drop gift box (and featured in the second photo on the following link), I thought you’d enjoy reading the thank-you notes and seeing the photos from troops who are enjoying their sauces: http://carolinasauce.com/OSDfeedback.htm. Feel free to pass that along to anyone who might be interested, or anyone who might consider making a donation to Operation Sauce Drop. The official page for the program is: http://carolinasauce.stores.yahoo.net/opsadr.html. The waiting list for gift boxes has grown to 92 troops, so any and all donations are greatly appreciated (and desperately needed in order to send out more gift boxes)!

Thanks very much, and best regards,
Gloria Cabada-Leman
Carolina Sauce Company, Inc.

The mission of Operation Sauce Drop is to deliver great-tasting sauces to US military personnel stationed abroad, free of charge. Why are we doing this? Because we would like to thank our brave troops for their sacrifices with a small token of our appreciation, and perhaps a taste of home. We have assembled seven different themed gift boxes of sauces, from mild and zesty to hot and fiery, from which any serviceman or servicewoman stationed at an APO or FPO address may choose, and we will ship their choice of gift box to their APO or FPO address at absolutely no cost to them whatsoever.

The average cost to purchase and ship (with insurance) a gift box is around $20.00. You can contribute to Operation Sauce Drop directly through PayPal by clicking here.
You can also contribute to Operation Sauce Drop through our online store using MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card or PayPal, by clicking on the “Contribute Here” link below and selecting a contribution amount. If you prefer to contribute by phone, simply call us at 919-765-0143 and we can accept payment using Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. To contribute to Operation Sauce Drop by mail, please send a check or money order payable to “Carolina Sauce Company”, include the notation “Operation Sauce Drop”, and mail the check to our address shown on the Info page.

If you are a member of the armed forces and have an APO or FPO address, or if you would like a member of the armed forces with an APO/FPO address to receive a gift box, just click on the “Military Sign-Up” link below to select a gift box and enter the shipping address. Gift boxes will be shipped once a week on a “first come, first serve” basis, or as sufficient contributions are received to cover the cost of the gift box and shipping via USPS Priority Mail Insured. Please select only 1 gift box per recipient, so that as many military personnel as possible have a chance to receive a free gift box.

Although contributions to Operation Sauce Drop are not tax-deductable (the amount of red tape, paperwork and expense (e.g., CPAs) involved in trying to obtain tax-exempt status is prohibitive to a small family business like Carolina Sauce Company), ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all contributions are used SOLELY to pay for the gift boxes *at cost* and ship them to our troops. We are not doing this to make money – in fact, we donate a portion of the cost of each gift box. We are doing this merely to thank our troops and make it easier for them to add a little zestiness to their meals. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, especially as the holidays approach and military personnel will be away from their families and the flavors of home. If you are unable to make a contribution at this time, but want to do something to help, then please tell your friends about Operation Sauce Drop, post the link on your blog or website, and help spread the word so that we can send free sauce to as many military service personnel as possible. Thank you!

Statistics as of 11/7/07

Number of Contributors: 45
Number of Gift Boxes shipped: 67
Number of Pending Gift Box Requests: 92
Most Requested Gift Box: North Carolina Gift Box