Posted May 24, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Reminders & Notifications

Green Bandit Appearance
Amir, the man behind Green Bandit Hot Sauces, will be doing a hot sauce demo at the Union Square Wholefoods (NYC) this Thursday between 11-3.

Collector’s Auctions Nearing End:
If you’re a collector of hot sauces, a fan of the musicians or a little of both, head on over to eBay and help a worthy cause. The auction info is:

(Bill Wharton)
eBay Auction number: 4463190094

(Michael Anthony)
eBay Auction number: 4463191538

If you’re not into sauces but still want to give to the cause, you may do so at the First Giving site.

The Hot Pepper Forum
The Hot Pepper has undergone a re-design! Check it out here.

Jim’s Stairway to Heaven
Don’t forget to donate to Jim’s cause. He’s busy climbing stairs to train for the world record attempt, but you can bet he’d rather be hanging out with us.

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