Posted April 2, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Alabama Sunshine Hot Sauce

Alabama Sunshine Hot Sauce
“Feel the Burn”

I was in Montreal for a few days on business and wow was I glad I brought some good sauce. This is another one of those sleeper sauces that you would just walk by in the store. It says Private Reserve 2005 and I am not sure to the truth behind that but regardless it is a great sauce. Perhaps it was made back in 2005 and I lucked into a vintage bottle.

Ingredients: Peppers, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Lime Juice, Spices, Xanthan Gum. Potassium Sorbate and Potassiuim Benzoate to preserve freshness and flavour

This is a heavy vinegar sauce with a lot of visible pieces of seeds and such floating around. It is an incredible red sauce that looks as fresh as it smells. I had wandered (meaning I got lost) around Montreal and headed back to the hotel as I was getting pretty hungry. I knew the loungebar had wings on the quick menu so this was the perfect opportunity to give this a try.

Alabama Sunshine Hot Sauce

Well nearly a 1/3 of the bottle later I can say that this is one great vinegar, pepper based sauce. Nothing ground breaking with the ingredients but the over all taste was incredible. Its amazing to see how there can be so many different sauces that utilize the almost exact ingredients! The heat level is quite decent and it built up after the first few wings and carried the heat for a few minutes till after they were done. Just enough heat to get the nose running.

I think this sauces availability is limited but if you see it make sure to grab it.

Packaging 8/10
Aroma 9/10
Appearance 9.6/10
Taste 9.6/10
Heat 6/10

Overall 8.4/10

Alabama Sunshine Inc
P.O. Box 263
Fayette, AL 35555