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Review: Coyote Trail Red Enchilada Sauce

Coyote Trail Red Enchilada Sauce

Old world red chile, this thick and rich sauce is the best enchilada sauce made today. We guarantee you will join the thousands of red chile addicts who already testify to the flavor and quality.

A find from the Fiery Foods Show – this red enchilada sauce was not the only sauce of the New Mexico Chile Company that I picked up, but it is the first one we’ve put to use. I specifically bought this sauce with the Ex in mind, as she loves enchiladas and the folks in the booth were very friendly and even suggested quite a few ways to try it out.

Coyote Trail Red Enchilada Sauce

The sauce itself is all New Mexico Red Chiles – it’s very traditional in appearance and very thin as an enchilada sauce should be. the Ex was already done making the enchiladas by the time I got home, but the lid shot does give you a good idea of the character of the sauce.

Coyote Trail Red Enchilada Sauce

Coyote Trail Red Enchilada Sauce

Nothing fancy about these enchiladas except the sauce – and that’s the entire point. This sauce is the type of sauce that you cook a dish around – not one of those that you add to a dish. The heat is minimal – it’s more of a tickle then anything else, but the flavor is extraordinary. It takes me back to NM and reminds me of all the great meals I’ve had while there.

The homemade taste of this sauce really makes it stand out – it’s not your average canned sauce and will make any dish stand out amongst the crowd.

We used the entire jar for one dish (albeit a large one) of enchiladas and I’ve already re-ordered myself some more. It’s a great sauce to have on hand when you need to throw a quick dinner together for the family or even whip up a fancy dish for the in-laws. When you get yourself some, make sure to pick up the green chile sauce as well – it’s equally delicious!

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