Posted September 4, 2007 by Justin in Reviews

Review: Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer Brand Hot Sauce

Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer Hot Sauce

This will be my first official review on a sauce that was sent to me to review. I got a few bottles and this was one of the first ones I wanted to try, there is a couple others that I’m really looking forward to reviewing, but I didn’t have time to cook anything and this sauce looked perfect for some microwave nachos. The label calls this an authentic Mexican hot sauce.

I don’t really go out to authentic Mexican restaurants a lot or anything but when I read authentic Mexican I think of a sauce with a lot of seasoning such as a taco sauce, or fresh herb flavor, and by herbs I’m talking about kind of a salsa flavor. This sauce has carrots in it and when I opened it to smell it I got a carroty, fresh pepper aroma. I put quit a bit on a small piece of chip and tried it, it tasted exactly like it smelled and wasn’t very hot so I spread my chips out in a single layer and coated them down with this sauce and then with shredded cheese, then I did another layer exactly the same way on top. after they came out of the microwave I ate a couple and decided to put an extra coating of the sauce on them. They had very little heat at all even though I ended up using about half a bottle of sauce. The flavor was excellent and reminded me more of a Caribbean style sauce because of the fresh pepper taste.

Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Beer Hot Sauce

Here’s what the bottle has to say for their description:
From the same crazy guy’s that brought you cave creek chili beer and hot n hard lemonade. Undoubtedly “the best hot sauce you ever tasted” Crazy Ed and the gang searched Mexico and came up with a100% natural hot sauce with no vinegar and no preservatives. This sauce gives you the flavor you need without the searing heat of vinegar- based sauces.

I would say that it is on about the same heat level as Tabasco. One good thing about this sauce is it has a large variety of foods that it would taste good on.

Ingredients: fresh carrots, selected red peppers, fresh onions, key lime juice, garlic, and salt.

Buying info: Order online at www.chilibeer.com
Mexico ph: 52-844-427-0070
USA ph: 1-866-762-1395
Imported by Black Mountain Brewing Company Cave Creek, AZ USA

Taste: 6/10, this sauce is very fresh tasting and smelling. The flavor of the peppers and carrots blend together nicely, with the peppers being the more dominant flavor of the two. As hard as I tried I could not detect any garlic, onion, or lime.

Heat: 1/10

Price: $6.99 for a 5oz bottle on thier website, in my opinion too much, that’s a little above the average price of milder sauces such as this, and although it has good flavor it just don’t stand out from the crowd. It might be a little more worth it to someone who don’t eat a half a bottle on a single plate of nachos.

Overall/recommendation: Overall I would give this sauce about 5/10. I would recommend it to people who like lower heat levels, and dislike all the mass-produced sauces that tend to lose their fresh flavor to processing, because this sauce does have a very fresh flavor.