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Review: Ring of Fire XX-Hot Habanero Hot Sauce

Ring of Fire XX-Habanero Hot Sauce

Flavor and Fire! Who’d ask for more? You! Because you want even More Flavor and More Fire! You want the tongue melting, head sweating satisfaction one can only get from handcrafted Ring of Fire XX-HOT Hot Sauce.

With 33% more Habanero Chiles than our “X-tra Hot” and more of everything else, this sauce makes even the blandest food an adventure.

Ring of Fire XX-Habanero Hot Sauce
Just look at all that good stuff!

Ingredients: Vinegar, Red Ripe Tomatoes, Onions, Habanero Chiles, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Serrano Chiles, Spices, Salt, Sugar

The Ring of Fire line has long been one of my all time favorites, with Ring of Fire X-tra Hot holding a strong place on my top 10 list. So I was excited to hear that they were finally done with their XX-Hot version and it was ready for consumer consumption. While I didn’t cook up any Ring of Fire Shrimps for this review, I did test it on a nice juicy bleu burger.

Ring of Fire XX-Habanero Hot Sauce
Ring of Fire XX-Hot on a Bleu Burger

The sauce is very thick and chunky – though I do think some of that is cause by the fact that some was stuck in the neck of the bottle. But even so, there is a definite thickness to the sauce that makes it stand up and stick to your food. The sauce smells of fire roasted tomatoes and habaneros and will cause you to salivate when you take a nice whiff of it. It’s a rare sauce that makes you hungry just by smelling it.

Ring of Fire XX-Habanero Hot Sauce
Gratuitous Burger Close Up

Wow. That about sums it up. Mike & Diane have hit another home run with this newest addition to their ever expanding line up. There’s more flavor then fire in this beautyWhile not as hot as some of us would like it, I would rate this sauce a 7-8 on the HSB Heat scale – there’s more flavor then fire in this beauty. The taste is phenomenal – the tomatoes do not over shadow the habs – nor does any other ingredient. Everything in the bottle seems to be balanced and contributes it’s taste to each bite – so you get a little habanero heat, a little garlic, some vinegar and a bit of garlic in each bite.

I could see myself using this sauce on just about anything and I’ll even go as far as to recommend pouring it into a dish and serving it as a salsa (albeit a thinner one) with some chips. If your a fan of Mike & Diane’s other sauces, then you must give this a try and even if you’ve never heard of the Ring of Fire brand before, don’t hesitate to check them out soon!

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