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Review: Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs

Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs
Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs

Ancient Central and South Americans have been combining chilies and chocolate since at least 595 A.D., why shouldn’t the folks over at The Chilli Pepper company.

Ingredients: sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cream, marc de champagne, concentrated whey, alcohol, jalapeno chilli powder, orange oil, milk proteins, soya lecithin, natural vanilla.

With mother’s day around the corner chocolates are always a good idea. When I received these little gems in the mail, I rushed over to visit dear ol’ Mom and kill two birds with one chocolate.

Bouquet: It smells like chocolate.

Texture: The chocolate is firm and doesn’t get “melty” when handled.

Smouldering Chocolate Fireballs

Taste: The first thing I (and Mom) noticed was the high quality of the chocolate. The outer chocolate has a light milky orange taste and despite being very firm, yields to the tooth quite easily. The center has a smooth crème de champagne taste that is really nice. At the finish the Jalapeno flavor enters, bites you, and then leaves just as quick.

After all was said and done, I was happy with the chocolates and more importantly Mom was happy. Don’t forget your mom on May 11th I’m sure these chocolates would do the trick.

The Chilli Pepper Company