Posted July 15, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: The Original Arkansas Cayenne Red Diamond Hot Sauce

Arkansas Cayenne Hot Sauce

Ingredients: Aged Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic, Vinegar, Salt, Potassium Sorbate as a preservative

If sauces were to be line-up in a row with no label this would be a stand-out. The incredible bright red colour to the serious flecks of black pepper and cayenne seeds make this sauce a winner by sight alone.

The label doesn’t speak much, but this is a case where the sauce does the selling.

Arkansas Cayenne Hot Sauce

I have been looking for a good cayenne sauce for awhile. There are quite a few on the market, but I needed something new. So I had high expectations getting this one out of the pantry after it had been sitting there for some time. Besides I had some “Louisiana Wings” that could use a bit of extra attention. For review sake though this is getting the simple straight form the bottle test.

Arkansas Cayenne Hot Sauce

I wasn’t expecting the regulator adorning the top when I opened it, but after the first tip I could see why it was a good idea. It was nice to see that all the contents of the bottle fluidly made its way past without clogging it up. I was extremely impressed by the flavour of this sauce. It lives true to its name. It has the perfect balance of great cayenne taste, a healthy vinegar bite, a punch of black pepper and a bit of sweetness from the red pepper. A fine tasting sauce indeed. With many cayenne sauces you usually get diluted cayenne swimming in vinegar and sold as “Authentic” Louisiana sauce. I feel sorry for the people that pick that crap up and miss out on something as good as this. Applications for this sauce are for anything that calls for a good cayenne sauce.

Arkansas Cayenne Hot Sauce

As for the heat, it is decent for a cayenne sauce. It won’t send you running for milk or anything, but enough for the uninitiated to take notice. This is worth a pick-up if you have to stumble upon it.

Bottled by:
River City Spice Company
Blytheville, AR