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Short Bus Fiery Food Show Collectibles

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Cape Fear Pepper Company has joined forces with two of our beloved chilehead brethren, DK aka “Southern Fried”, and Blane better know as the “Head Winder Licker”, to produce 24 Limited Edition collectible hot sauce sets that only a true Mac & Cheese eatin’ short bus winder licker could appreciate. Each set consist of 1 bottle of Short Bus Hot Sauce “Special EDition”, 1 bottle of “Winder Repellant” and last but certainly not least, the worlds first bottle of, get this, “Mac & Cheese Chipotle Hot Sauce”. All three bottles are hand signed, numbered and have been dipped in custom ordered wax for that extra added touch. These bottles contain Cape Fear Pepper Company’s Smolderin’ Chipotle, and Cape Fear’s Premium Red Savina® Hot Sauce.

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DK and Blane will have the honor of distributing these sets in person at the Fiery Foods show in New Mexico. For those of you who caught wind of this project and expressed an interest in owning a set, and you will not be attending the show, have no fear, your bottles will be shipped to you promptly after the show.

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A BIG HUGE thanks to DK, Blane, and THT Kristi for the inspiration, modeling for the winder licker pics, and providing the special talents that made this offering an absolute pleasure to produce.

I’ll leave you all with this. Keep a sharp eye out for a few really special Prototype sets to surface as charity auction offerings..

Sea Ya!!

Tracy Campbell – CGO, SBD, CBW, CEO CFPC

Blane – HWL


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