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I Love Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are my favorite breakfast food, hands down. In Oregon, I would stop at Burrito Amigos in the AM before going to work and pick myself up an Egg, Potato, Chile and Bacon burrito. Now, since living to NYC, I hav...

Addicted to Chipotle

Burritos are supposed to be big, but this one may have been too big. Are you addicted to Chipotle? I’m not talking about chipotle peppers, but Chipotle – the growing restaurant chain that’s owned by the McDona...

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Burrito Medicine

My friends and colleagues shake their heads, but when I feel achy, flu-like and just want to crawl underneath the covers, I don’t reach for aspirin, cough syrup or a hot water bottle. I grab a burrito. A huge, honkin̵...