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BBQ Sauce Reviews

Johnny Secreto Rubs and BBQ Sauce review

This was a really fun review to work on, thanks to the great labels and branding and amazing variety of flavors in the 3 rubs and the BBQ sauce. Johnny Secreto features rubs and recipes from an Old World Italian Family Here...


Wawa’s Chicken & Mango Salsa Salad

I see my various ingredients cordoned off into their own little concentration camps of flavor and freshness.  This appeases the Scrovak.  I wouldn't want my crisp, moist mango pieces wilting my lettuce, or my cheese fertilizing...


Sadie’s of New Mexico – Roasted Green Chile Salsa

The flavors of green chile and tomato are pretty immediate, as well as a bit of salty onion and garlic, but none of them overpowers the other too much.  There is a noted smokey component to this, but it plays in the background.

Week of Mild Day 4 Oakridge Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub Review

  A mild rub is our featured review for Day 4 of Week of Mild – Oakridge BBQ Secret Weapon Pork & Chicken Rub. About Oakridge BBQ: Michael Trump is the owner of Oakridge BBQ out of Kearney, Missouri. Not only do...


Perfect Summer Party Food: Flautas Done Two Ways

If you're having people over and want to serve Southwest-inspried finger food, look no further than flautas. Here are recipes for beef and chicken flautas. Continue reading →

McDonalds’ Spicy Chicken McBites

John Scrovak gives you what you have all been waiting for, and reviews the Spicy Chicken McBites from McDonalds.
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Gaaaahhhhlic for Dinner

Garlic, garlic and more garlic – Went to the store and while shopping I found the largest head of garlic I’ve ever seen, so I couldn’t resist. I also got into an argument with the clerk about the peppers, but ...