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The Great Dorset Chilli Festival – Official Festival Sauce Review.

Now you can only get a bottle of this sauce if you attend The Dorset Chilli Festivall this weekend, I was lucky to get sent a bottle to review before the event, but I will still be going on the Sunday.. so say Hello.This sauce...

Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Chocolate Habanero Sauce

Whassup my chilli padawanz?? Well its been a hot week, but now back to some nice, crappy english weather..lets hope it clears up before the GREAT DORSET CHILLI FESTIVAL!! Which is this weekend coming btw, 4th and 5th of August!...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


South Devon Chilli Farm – Ring of Fire

The South Devon Chilli Farm is the first Chilli Farm I ever visited while I was still getting into the Chilli scene. This was in their early days before the development of a second site. So on to the sauce, this time it’s their...