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Review: Defcon Creator’s Double Super Secret Experiment # X-13 Habanero Horseradish

Ingredients: Here’s a riddle: The product is called “Habanero Horseradish”. One of the ingredients is horseradish. The other is not. (Actually, there is no ingredient list, but basically, its habanero and hor...

Defcon Homunculus World Tour – Stop #6

After a sunny ol’ time in San Diego, Homu was blessed to find herself in the humid and muggy climate of DC. Finding time to take in a Baseball Game, Homu checked out the Washington Nationals. Since she had no ticket she s...


Defcon Homunculus World Tour – Stop #5

Well after a long recovery from the double penetration to the head and after a few weeks in the hospital and countless labodomy’s later, Homunucleus decided to take a little vacation in sunny San Diego. He traveled well, ...

Defcon Stable Available

Greetings from Defcon HQ. Those of you who joined us at the Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jims in Fairfield, Ohio a couple weeks ago, were the first to see these little guys. We figured many other people put together some sort of s...


Defcon Weekend of Fire Replay

Well, seeing as Nick wasn’t able to attend the Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jim’s this past weekend, he asked me to do a Point of View piece on it. Get a beer, sit back, and enjoy the read”¦ It’s Friday mor...

Jungle Jim’s Defcon Deathmatch

All are free to join us at The Table of Virtue, and your chance to ascend to the rank of Supreme DEFCON Acolyte of The Inner Circle. The rules are quite simple, you must consume 10 cute and cuddly, harmless little wings, coated...


Review: Defcon Creator’s Double Super Secret Experiment #X-13 Habanero Horseradish

You Have It. Consume It. Enjoy It. When the Creator first told me about his Double Super Secret Experiment #X-13 Habanero Horseradish, without blinking an eye I ordered 3 or 4 cases – and not to sell, just for my own cons...


Well, we here at Defcon HQ are sorry to say we won’t be attending the Classic Car/Motorcycle at the train station in Berkeley Heights, NJ on 7/8. This last minute change is due to the fact that it seems the township has v...


Defcon Death Match – Step by Step

The Death Match I know we have quite a few HSBer’s that have done this. So you can probably relate to this story. For you future contestants, I hope you take some of this story to heart for you may not be ready to try thi...

More Defcon Day Toronto Pictures

Quick slideshow of all the Defcon Day Toronto pictures, plus a few extras from touring around the city. The complete set can be seen here if you’d like to download any of the pictures.