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That Red Sauce, by HEB

The heat on this one doesn't really build or stack, though, and I quickly became accustomed to it to the point that I didn't even notice it after a few bites. But I didn't stop at a few bites!

Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce

ince this is a nacho cheese sauce, the consistency is what you expect from it: thick when it’s cold, medium thick when it’s warm. Nothing really stands out when I take a good solid whiff of it.
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Gunther’s Gourmet Spicy Black Bean Dip review

We were very pleased to receive a jar of Spicy Black Bean Dip with Lime from our friend, Chef Michael Lampros, Gunther’s Gourmet head honcho and creative genius. Known throughout the industry for his salsas and vinaigrett...

Piquillo Jalapeno Bruschetta, by Elki

Something else caught my eye, though - a little jar of bruschetta. What was especially interesting about this jar was that the first word on there was "Piquillo," a pepper you may not hear much about unless you frequently make...