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UNLV Researchers Find Lead in Some Imported Hot Sauces

UNLV Researchers conducted the first known study into lead concentrations of hot sauce. They found four hot sauces from Mexico that exceeded the FDA standard for lead.

Heartbreaking Dawns Trail Preserves Live Archive

Video archive of EAT MORE HEAT! Live with guest Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawns. We review HBD's Fiery, Datil & Strawberry Scorpion Trail Preserves. |
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Win a Year’s Supply of Tabanero

Want to win a year’s supply of Tabanero? You know you do! What if I told you that could happen just by buying a bottle? That’s right! It’s that easy! |

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Study Published by HortTechnology

The world's hottest critics are one step closer to being silenced about the Moruga Scorpion. HortTechnology has published the study by the Chile Pepper Institute. |


Michael Madsen on EAT MORE HEAT! Live

On August 28th our special guest will be actor & poet Michael Madsen! He will be joining us LIVE to review his American Badass Hot Sauce, Mustard & BBQ Sauce. |

Marina Market Days Candied Jalapeno Eating Contest

Come to the Marina Market Days Candied Jalapeno Eating Contest in Corpus Christi, TX!